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Trespass UAACBAG20001K Kiwi Zumba Hydration Backpack


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Explore the world around you with this Trespass Hydration Backpack. The perfect survival tool for your next woodland adventure, be sure to strap on the hydration backpack for countryside walks, camping trips, and fun weekends away. Featuring a 2 litre reservoir bladder for all of your hydration needs and a waist strap to eliminate any potential back pain from carrying a heavy weight, the hydration backpack is the ideal travel companion to accompany you on long treks through the wilderness.

  • The perfect companion for any adventure, this Trespass Hydration Backpack will transform your journey from tiring to rejuvenating.
  • Perfect for countryside walks with friends or family, use the handy 2 litre water reservoir to stay well hydrated at all times.
  • Featuring a handy waist strap that will provide extra support and security, never fear for your back’s well-being again.
  • With a generous capacity of 15 litres, the hydration backpack will happily carry all of your essentials with minimal effort.
  • Be sure to pack the hydration backpack for camping trips and weekends away, or even use it whilst backpacking around the world!


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