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Boyz Toys RY950 Deluxe Ear Plugs Set

SKU: RY950

UPC: 5029476009503


Boyz Toys Deluxe Ear Plugs Set brings you two reusable earplugs, which not only reduce the noise around you, but are comfortable to wear and come in a protective carry case. Designed to help on flights, you can fade out the bustling ambiance with ease. Each ear bud comes in a bright orange colour, giving anyone around you the immediate information that you are not to be disturbed. The protective carry case comes with a clip, so that you can attach your earplugs to your bag for ease of access.

  • The Boyz Toys Deluxe Earplugs come with two orange plugs, a metal protective carry case and can be used in almost any situation.
  • The two earplugs are made of silicone, which is fantastic for fighting against loud noises made by flying or your snoring partner.
  • Made of soft material, these earplugs will not begin to damage your ears during long or repeated use, so you do not have to worry.
  • Measuring 2 x 11 x 17 cm, each earplug should not have trouble fitting into any average ear, meaning almost anyone can use them.
  • The metal carry case can clip onto bags, coats and lanyards. You will have your earplugs ready wherever you are, but protected too.


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