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Maximuscle Chocolate Mint Cyclone Bars - Box Of 12 x 60g

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During exercise, muscle tissue is broken down and your body needs protein in order to rebuild and adapt to the stresses it has encountered. As exercise and activity levels increase in duration and intensity, the amount of protein you need to overcome the level of breakdown also increases, but simply including larger protein portions with your evening meal is not the answer. These bars provide your body with the high protein hit it needs in order to train effectively and get great results.

  • Maximuscle cyclone bars are packed full of protein and designed to build muscle and support physical performance to achieve your goals.
  • Using whey protein as a main ingredient, the bars can help you to reach your recommended protein allowance as part of a balanced diet.
  • A box of 12, each 60g bar contains 23g of protein, 1.5g calcium HMB and 5g creatine monohydrate to assist with strength and power.
  • The bars have a delicious chocolate mint flavour and it is recommended to eat 2 bars daily; 1 after training and 1 between meals.
  • Train hard and get the best results with these Maximuscle cyclone bars for a truly effective performance and brilliant muscle growth.


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