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Salter EK2297 Low Fat Fryer


UPC: 5055295748552

RRP: £99.99

Cook all your favourite foods with less fat using this fantastic Salter low fat fryer. Easy and convenient, you can cook directly from frozen using triple cooking power; halogen directly heats the surface of the food for browning, roasting and flavour; convection circulates the hot air, evenly distributing the heat for faster cooking, and infrared heat cooks from inside out, sealing in the juices for maximum taste. A complete kit, you can get started with your fabulous fryer straight away.

  • The Salter low fat fryer can cook your food up to 3 times faster, and can also be used for baking, roasting, grilling and steaming.
  • Using halogen, convection and infrared power, you can prepare the tastiest fried foods with little or no oil for healthier cooking.
  • The fryer has a glass dome which allows you to see the cooking process or monitor your food, and a removable bowl for easy cleaning.
  • It comes with a high rack, low rack, lid stand, tongs, mesh tray, oil sprayer and recipe ideas, so you can begin cooking right away.
  • With a capacity of 12 litres, you can roast joints of meat for the whole family or use the racks to separate the food during cooking.


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