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Progress BW05072 Handheld Spiralizer

SKU: BW05072

UPC: 5054061076677

RRP: £9.99

Create delicious ribbons and spirals from your favourite vegetables and fruit using this Progress handheld spiralizer, allowing you to make healthy alternatives to your favourite pasta and noodle dishes. The device has 3 interchangeable blades for different spiral textures and sizes, made from stainless steel for outstanding quality and hygiene. Simply twist the spiralizer with your hands to make tasty ribbons in seconds, perfect for quick meals and to make your everyday salads more interesting.

  • Make healthy and satisfying salads, pasta dishes and much more with this convenient and easy to use Progress handheld spiralizer.
  • With three interchangeable inner blades to choose from, you can experiment with different styles and textures for your family meals.
  • The spiralizer is brilliantly easy to use simply twist your fruit or vegetable of choice to create beautiful spirals in seconds.
  • Made from stainless steel, the razor sharp blades are incredibly durable and efficient, making any food preparation effortless.
  • After you have finished making your delicious meal with the spiralizer, all it needs is a quick wipe clean with some warm, soapy water.


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